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“Six Point Saloon” Elk, Deer, moose or Fallow Antler Trim

This pool/game table light gives a whole new meaning to “rack em up.” Precisely crafted from large six point Elk antler with your choice of Moose, Whitetail, Mule Deer or Fallow antler end trim.

It also features a hand-cut burl log in the center with your name or brand burned into it. You can choose from a variety of shades and the three center standard lights can be run with or independently of the ten forty watt chandelier lights. (Vice versa). Also makes a great kitchen island light.

Approximate Dimensions 5×3 feet with 10 chandelier lights and 3 standard down lights

Detail of the Six-Point Saloon, Elk with Fallow trim/10-light

Shade options (many more available)


“Six Point Saloon” Elk, Deer, moose or Fallow Antler Trim


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