Bringing the warmth of nature indoors, Wild Designs uses the magnificence of wildlife to blend form and function in perfect harmony. Wild Designs offers the most exquisite pieces using hand-selected materials from international locations. Lighting, furniture, and other home decor have been assembled by a team of talented artists who contribute their personal touch to every creation. Each piece is signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity- which guarantees the highest quality in the industry.

Paul Shields

Creativity comes naturally to Paul Shields, owner and creator of Wild Designs. As an Idaho native he was raised with love for the beauty of nature and its wildlife. Idaho's tall pines, immaculate lakes, and green hillsides inspired to him use nature’s unique materials to build refined rustic décor. Each piece built at Wild Designs leaves the shop with his authorization and signature.

Mike and Jan Oliver

Mike and Jan founded Distinctive Burl Designs in 1991 and teamed up with Wild Designs over 15 years ago. All burl designs are hand cut and finished by Mike. He brings passion for perfection to the team and it shows in every piece he creates.

Dean Jacobs

A specialist in leather upholstery, Dean has worked side by side with Paul to find native and exotic leather to fit perfectly with antler frames that he and Paul design. The skill of three generations is evident in his signature sofas, loveseats, and chairs. Established in 1957, Jacobs Upholstery became the leader in upholstery and antique furniture. As a native to Spokane, WA, Dean is an experienced member of the design team.

Phillip Crossley

Phillip brings a combination of cutting edge upholstery and furniture designs that segue beautifully with antler and burl styles. His family has been creating custom furniture for lodges and individuals for over 50 years. He has created what is “refined rustic”.

Sara Dramstad

Sarah is an exceptionally gifted artist, a native of Montana she too has been surrounded by nature’s magnificence. Her specialty is detailed wildlife portraiture; the beauty of her individual acrylics speaks for itself, and adds volumes to the finished design.

Jan Adams

Jan, a talented wildlife artist, specializes in single filament oil paintings. Jan’s art graces many of the chandeliers and furniture suites. She currently resides in Idaho, finding imagination for her best pieces.

Vern Pine

Vern is a master antler carver of exceptional quality that have dovetailed into some of the most beautiful designs.



1. All orders must be secured by a 50% deposit

2. Multiple photos of finished product will be sent to client for approval.

3. Once client approves finished piece, balance is due within 90 days of approval date and full balance must be paid BEFORE shipping.

4. All shipping/crating charges MUST be paid before shipping UNLESS shipping arrangements are made by client.

5. If the client arranges own transport/shipping of goods they must sign a waiver accepting ALL responsibility for any damages incurred during shipping and must pursue recourse on their own.

6. Client MUST inspect merchandise upon delivery if carrier is arranged by Wild Designs , and In the unlikely event there is shipping damage by carrier on shipping arranged by Wild Designs, Client MUST notify us within TEN DAYS of receiving shipment and noting damage to shipment, and informing carrier. Merchandise will be repaired or replaced AT NO COST TO CLIENT upon settlement with carrier.

7. Any merchandise approved by client and not paid IN FULL within 90 days, will be sold and deposits forfeited. (Unless otherwise agreed to by Wild Designs in writing)

8. Merchandise approved and paid for in full, but not shipped due to Client for ANY reason will be placed in storage and a monthly storage fee will be assessed. After 90 days in storage and delivery still not arranged and paid for, will result in forfeiture of merchandise and all payments made. (Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Wild Designs).

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